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Sorry! -_-

2010-03-02 17:08:01 by TheFlameAlchemist

I lost my internet for a long time and I could not get on put I have to try to get on eventually.Sorry I let greatwh1teshark down on the voice acting.


2009-12-31 07:14:13 by TheFlameAlchemist

I got a sore throat from well all of a sudden and I can't talk a lot so I probably won't be online for a while...oh and for greatwh1teshark...I'll see if I can try to do the parts.


2009-12-10 00:51:14 by TheFlameAlchemist

It's been great over here.I haven't talked to anyone in a awhile.Well anyways I'm level 15 now so hurray for nothing.Whelp here my DA user name: .Hurray...

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Moved back to Spain where I'm staying for a couple of years.

2009-11-06 21:42:06 by TheFlameAlchemist

Well here at Spain it's easy to communicate with everyone.The Spanish is quite different than the on I'm used to hearing and I've found a job and am hoping Minotaki is okay back in U.S.A.So how has my fellow newgrounders been doing?any questions about Spain?

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Moved back to Spain where I'm staying for a couple of years.

I'm writing chapter 3 of S.S.B.R but the storyline...I just got lost in it but I'll see what I can do.In the meantime I've just been watching the recent episodes of FMA:Brotherhood and stuff.Nobody has spoke to me since and well just hanging until things get smooth and easy again.Oh the link is on the left hand side of this userpage if you want to watch FMA:Brotherhood.


Oh Yeah!

2009-10-13 21:23:54 by TheFlameAlchemist

Good News!:I've moved to Philadelphia,PA!.Now I'm staying here for a while but then I'm leaving again.So I'm visiting Minotaki[Scianikitty] for a while and staying at her place.Also Chapter 3 of S.S.B.R will not but out for a while so I will have to wait.If you have anything to say go ahead say it now.

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Oh Yeah!

Haven't been on in a while?

2009-10-04 08:45:43 by TheFlameAlchemist

I know,but I've been busy and haven't been able to either get on or write the story as usual.So in the meantime you could just either read chapter 1 of my story orread chapter 2 instead.I'll have to take a break from the story for now and catch up on work.I'll give you a list of stuff to keep ocupied until I make a new post.Sorry to Sam(sorrygirl99,spriteharvester,better atbrawl7777(joseph),chat-man,xellon,gr eatwh1teshark, and any other friends but I won't be on in a while but heck,you got other people to talk to right?Well in conclusion,here is the list...

1.Very Awesome Game!
2.Very Humorious Madness
3.Game in demo mode but it's still good

Well enjoy!

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S.S.B.R[Chapter 2:Escape Of Piranha-X54]

2009-09-22 21:32:50 by TheFlameAlchemist

[Chapter 2:Escape Of Piranha-X54]
Meanwhile in a country way far in the east...Central,Amestris.
"Okay let's see here protest,bills,fines what else!So much paper whats next essays!"complained Roy Mustang (the colonel of Central,Amestris and A.K.A The Flame Alchemist).Someone then knocks on the door."Yeah who is it!"yelled roy"Ok sorry who is it?"he then corrected himself."It's me Second Lieutenant Breda sir."said Breda."Alright come in."responded Roy."So what do you need?"he asked."Well I have family back at home and it's my brother's birthday tomorrow and I would like to ask for a legal pardon if you please?"Breda asked."Well let's see...fine but don't take long ya' hear?"said Roy."Thank you very much sir!"said Lieutenant Breda as he bowed down."Yeah go before I change my mind!"said Roy."Well then might as well open these windows."said roy as he walk over to open the windows.As soon as he lifted up the window Kamek came flying in and landed on the floor."You!You gotta help me!"said Kamek.Roy's eyes widened."Do I even know you because your not even human."he said."Of course not I'm a Koopa but enough about me you have to help me stop this horrible monster that I lost control of and now he wants the world for himself!Kamek explained himself and was gasping for air."Why should I obviously when you said you lost control that meant he is your monster making you a bad guy which comes to the conclusion of why should I help you."explained Roy."Because if you don't he'll create an army of mutant piranha plants and take over the world!said Kamek."Piranha plants?What's that?"asked Roy."They're plants that are mixed with piranhas and walk and go through pipes and stuff.responded Kamek."So I can burn them easily they're plants right?"said Roy."Well yeah but they'll be hundreds,thousands,millions!"yelled Kamek.Roy sighed."Alright!Besides maybe I might even get promoted for this.Also,why did you come to me for this?"asked Roy."Well because your one of the main people of an armed organization that can help me with this case!"explained Kamek."Hmm I see very well let me get changed to an undercover outfit I'll be back soon enough give me about an hour."said Roy while open the door to the hallway."An hour!?"said Kamek."Yeah I live far from here."said Roy."Alright!"said Kamek."But do it change quick."Meet me at the nearest warehouse from here it's empty and abandon,there we will talk."said Roy."Okay then.I'll be off."said Kamek as he went on his broom stick and flew out the window."This better be worthwhile I think I can use some action."said Roy and left the room followed by locking it."I sure hope this guy can help because I need the extra hand."said Kamek while flying to the warehouse 2 blocks from the office.Meanwhile back in the far far west in Mushroom Kingdom."So this is the above world.This is what I was missing out on?"said Piranha-X54."This world is so much more different then what I had imagined."Piranha-X54 then looks forward and sees a goomba."What's this?"he wondered."Woah!"said the goomba in a surprised manner." that?Are you one of master Kamek's new prototypes?"asked the goomba."Prototype?No!I am the ultimate being!"said Piranha-X54 with pride."Now where have I heard that before?"said the goomba to himself.Then Piranha-X54 slams his vine like arm towards the goomba and smashes it.""said the goomba while fading away."What a waste!"said Piranha-X54."This is the other companions of Kamek?No wonder he is so weak.Well better get started,maybe there are others that look like me!I'll have to recruit new members to create an indestructible army!HAHAHAHAHA!"laughed Piranha-X54.Back at Central..."Well this looks fine in fact awesome but I should ask the Führer for a legal pardon,a long one at that.But I must never forget my sole goal!I will become Führer and not no Hitler stuff either!"Said Roy."Well then let's get started.Roy then drove back to the Military office and knocked on the Führer's door."Excuse me?Führer Bradley?May I come in?I have a word to speak about."said Roy."Yes?Mustang come in glad to see you.What is this word you would like to speak of?"asked Führer King Bradley."Well you probably wouldn't understand but earlier today there was this turtle thing on a broom stick and told me about a monster that was going to take over earth as it's own and he said I can help."explained Roy."So can I help?"Roy asked."This is tough because you are one of my highest ranked men mustang.But I will let you go but remember where you belong.I'll also let you take 2 of your men with you,understood.?"said King Bradley while laying his hand on roy's shoulder."Yes sir!I won't let you down!"said Roy."Very well!Down go dying now!"said King Bradley while walking back to his chair.Roy then leaves the room and walks out of the military office,opens the car door and drives to the warehouse 2 blocks ahead of the office.Roy then looks up and down towards the building."So this is it?"He said."Let's get started then."Roy said with a smirk on his face.(the screen then fades to black).

~To Be Continued...

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S.S.B.R[Chapter 2:Escape Of Piranha-X54]

S.S.B.R. [Prologue and Chapter 1:Rise Of Thy Revolution]

2009-09-17 22:19:35 by TheFlameAlchemist

After the brawl era it was a peaceful planet and at the time Bowser was caged and Petey Piranha was burned too bits and master hand and crazy hand have been taut up that way they couldn't move or do any tricks.Yes,peace was a good sign at the moment until someone or something unexpected had broken out and now a new group of heroes must conquer the new evil that approaches...

[Chapter 1:Rise Of Thy Revolution]

Meanwhile in a underground laboratory in the mushroom kingdom under Bowser's abandoned castle."HaHaHaHaHaHa!My project is complete after very very long years of work he is finally complete!*Presses a button that opens a tube*You...are...Piranha-X54 also known as Patrick Piranha but, we will go with Piranha-X54 shall we?"said the evil Kamek who took Bowser's castle as his own and chose to continue on his project that he started a very long time ago which is now completed and called his project Piranha-X54."Now!Obey!I am your master,your king, and your creator!Rise!"commanded Kamek.Piranha-X54 responded"...No...I am your master and your king.I have seen your ways and I will be stronger and I want this world to be mine...and mine it shall be!"yelled Pirahna X54."WHAAAT!No you shall belong to me and destroy my enemies!"replied Kamek."Why me then?Why?"asked Piranha-X54."Becuase I who am not strong enough have infused most of my powers into you which has increased your mental abilities,speed,strength, and maybe you got some of my magic abilities."Responded Kamek with an unfair grin."Then I am much stronger than you correct?"asked Piranha-X54."Why of course!Then again you can't underestimate me!"responded Kamek."Then this must be no trouble then."said Piranha-X54 and came out of the tube and taut one of his vine like arms and grabbed Kamek."Hey!Let go you foul beast!I never said touch I said obey!Obey you ingrate!Demanded Kamek."No you stay out of my way!This world is mine now!"yelled Piranha-X54 and tightened Kamek a little more."Gah! ou aren't even supposed to be like this!Looks like I overwhelmed you with so much power that you've gone against me!But to say the truth I'm proud because really,you were actually supposed to be the very first piranha plant to be created but Bowser didn't like you made his own version therefore you are a mere prototype!After all,you weren't that cool looking either!I think petey looked better than you but petey has seen better days he's now burnt ash after Mario took care of him!"explained Kamek." mean I am a prototype,a nothing?"asked Piranha-X54."Well...yes and if you get rid of me you won't survive in the world alone!Mario will eventually get you and burn you down."said Kamek."No!If you have survived this long and now I am stronger than you I will live longer and stronger than you right?"asked Piranha-X54."Well sort of but you still will not survive!"yelled Kamek."Oh really?"asked Piranha-X54 in a clever manner and threw Kamek in through the roof and into the sky."Ahhh!I'll get you!You despicable prototype!"yelled Kamek as his voice got lower."Now!Onto world domination!HaHaHaHaHaHa!"laughed Piranha-X54 in a very evil way and escapes through the door and thinks to himself"Who is this Mario character?Is he stronger than I am is he like me or is he like Kamek?Will he assist me on world domination or will he try to destroy me?So many questions for this world that I plan to dominate am I up for it?I must find allies first perhaps then I may begin."Piranha-X54 then jumps out of the castle and goes undergrounds and walks through tunnels.

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S.S.B.R.,Betteratbrawl7777's shop and other updates!

2009-09-16 21:19:16 by TheFlameAlchemist

Well as most of you don't know I'm going to start writing my new story Super Smash Bros.Revolutions(S.S.B.R) and I will submit it to betteratbrawl7777's shop.But I will start some other time and I will upload chapters here on my posts soon so yeah expect it soon.

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